First Selfie in Space Limited Edition Shirt

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In honor of the historic 50th Anniversary of Gemini 12, we’re celebrating by releasing the #FirstSelfieInSpace T-shirt.

You’ll be supporting a worthy cause as all proceeds – 100% - from the sale of these shirts benefit Buzz Aldrin’s ShareSpace Foundation (a 501c3 non-profit educational foundation) promoting STEAM Education and Giant Mars Maps for schools. Click here to learn more.

Buzz Aldrin achieved the first 5 hour world record spacewalk during this mission. Part of his duties was to take photos of star clusters during the night passes traveling 17,500 mph circling the globe every 90 minutes! During the day passes Buzz said, “There wasn’t much to do as we orbited so I did some site seeing of the earth as we circled the globe. But at one point I thought, I wonder what would happen if I took a picture of myself. And voila! The first selfie in space!”.

Order yours today and post pictures of yourself on social media when you receive your tshirt showing your support of this landmark mission. Use the hashtag #FirstSelfieInSpace and help us celebrate this 50th Anniversary!